/media /mnt 的挂载问题

/media 和 /mnt 的差异其实是很明显的.
/media 的出现是为了和 /mnt 区分用的 , 除了文件系统外的移动存储设备 , 现在的 OS 都会自动的将其挂载在 /media 目录下 , 因为这些设备都属于媒体 (media) 设备 , 一般的文件系统不会在这个目录下出现 , 所以 , /media 的主要服务对象就是刚刚提到的移动存储设备 .
/mnt 是早期使用的挂载目录 , 在其下可手动或自动建立相关的目录 , 像 usb , cdrom , floppy 等 , 但是 , 目前在 /mnt 中所挂载的大多数不是外挂存储设备 , 很可能是一些 ISO 文件 , NFS 文件系统之类的对象 , 因此 , /mnt 比较严格的说话 , 应该是用来挂载 “文件系统” 的目录 .

FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) 是这样定义 /media 和 /mnt 的 :

/media : Mount point for removeable media

This directory contains subdirectories which are used as mount points for removeable media such as floppy disks, cdroms and zip disks.

Historically there have been a number of other different places used to mount removeable media such as /cdrom, /mnt or /mnt/cdrom. Placing the mount points for all removeable media directly in the root directory would potentially result in a large number of extra directories in /. Although the use of subdirectories in /mnt as a mount point has recently been common, it conflicts with a much older tradition of using /mnt directly as a temporary mount point.

Specific Options
The following directories, or symbolic links to directories, must be in /media, if the corresponding subsystem is installed:

Directory Description
floppy Floppy drive (optional)
cdrom CD-ROM drive (optional)
cdrecorder CD writer (optional)
zip Zip drive (optional)


/mnt : Mount point for a temporarily mounted filesystem

This directory is provided so that the system administrator may temporarily mount a filesystem as needed. The content of this directory is a local issue and should not affect the manner in which any program is run.
This directory must not be used by installation programs: a suitable temporary directory not in use by the system must be used instead.

参考自 : 邱世华 Linux 系统架构与目录解析

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