OpenVPN Connectivity Issue in Public Network

We established a ovpn tunnel between 2 IDCs in September 2014, and we have monitored the availability and performance of two ends for a long time. The geographical distance between 2 IDCs are quite short, but with different telecom carries. mtr shows that there exits ahout 7 hops from one end to the other. The below screenshot shows the standard ping loss.

The result is quite interesting. At first we used UDP protocol, and we often experienced network disconnection issue, later we switched to TCP, and it improved a lot. From the digram, the average package is 1.11%.
Why 1.11%, what I can explain is the tunnel is often fully saturated during the peak hour, and this can't solved at the moment, so no matter what protocol, the package loss should exists. Another possible reason is the complexity of public network which I can't quantitate.
The current plan works during current background, but no "how many 9s" guarantee. Anyway, if we want to achieve more stable connectivity, a DLL(dedicated leased line) is a better choice.