Hi, I am Jasey Wang, the author of this blog. This blog is mainly for sharing my tec thoughts, so hope you may get some help from it, enjoy :-)
My professional background includes:
  • 8+ years Linux desktop experience, 6+ years hands-on engineering in scaling high-traffic applications, extensive experience in Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu) administration
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills across the entire stack, from hardware, networking to system and application level issues, grace under fire
  • Strong communication skills, with technical and non-technical cross-functional team (product, development, operation&marketing)
  • Interested in acquiring new skills and techniques, highly self-study and self-motivated. Can work independently
  • Practical Programming skills in Bash, Python, Java, C, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

​Currently, I head up the operations team at Benmu Health(本木医疗), responsible for the overall reliability and performance of Jingyitong(京医通), which provide extremely strict online(wechat/app) and offline(kiosk) service for all the grade tier three hospital of Beijing. Before that, as a Sr SRE at App Annie, I design and Implement core metrics system for the mission critical product. Prior to App Annie, I serve as the first operations engineer at Umeng(友盟), heavily involved in the operations of real time analytics service, batch processing platform, push, social, etc.

I am now living in Beijing, China.
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